Tuesday, 28 July 2009

BBoy/Girl Dance Off BCB Sunday 26th July

Check out the video of the Bboy battle from Sundays BCB... footage courtesy of TooMuchFlavor :)


Brick City Boutique

Raising the profile of underground Hip Hop and creating a platform for new and emerging street style talent, Brick City Boutique is a monthly live Hip Hop and street style fashion and art market event brought to you by Pieceology Graffiti Jewellery, which incorporates all the four elements of Hip Hop under one roof in a celebration of the street culture. Each month we host a Bboy/Girl battle, raffle competition and street art gallery and fashion market alongside live DJ's and performances, plus food and drinks available all day in the pool lounge.

BCB is fast becoming recognised as one of London's leading talent showcasing events, creating opportunities for new and unknown performers to promote and sell their work from the same stage as well known and established artists on the Hip Hop scene. So far our stage has been graced by some of the most legendary names from the UK and abroad such as Task Force's Farma G, Skinnyman, Joker Starr, Kashmere, Unkle Festa, and Hasan Salaam as well as some of the best of the latest and greatest performers including Inja, Brotherman, Kulez, Oliver Sudden, Cross Bone T, Nutty P, Graziella and more. Brick City Boutique is in collaboration with EOW UK [EODub.com], Basement Sessions [Street Soul Productions] and Sensei FM [www.sensei.fm]. To keep up to date with news on events check out the myspace and twitter pages:



Piece' Out!